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Capital against Capitalism Conference: Provisional Timetable



9.00 – 9.15


9.15 – 10.45

Plenary 1 – AUSTRALIAN LABORISM Speaker: Rick Kuhn Respondents: Geoffrey Robinson and Tad Tietze

10.45 – 11.00

Short morning tea

11 – 12.30

Workshop 1A – MARXISM AND THEOLOGY Roland Boer: ‘The Religion of Everyday Life’: Capital as Fetish Tamara Prosic: Orthodox Christian Theology and Social Change Remy Low: Religion and Revolutionary Praxis: Theologies of liberation in retrospect and prospect

Workshop 1B – READING CAPITAL IN OUR OWN TIME Tom Barnes: From ‘surplus populations’ to informal labour: Is Capital relevant to class formation in the Global South? Paul Rubner: Deciphering the Dialectic in Marx’s Capital Mike Beggs: Zombie Marx and modern economics

12.30 – 1.15


1.15 – 2.15

Workshop 2A – SOCIAL CHANGE Jess Gerrard: Hegemony, Class and Culture John Pardy: Patterns of schooling in Australia: Toward a historically materialist explanation.

Workshop 2B – TALKING REVOLUTION Mark Steven: The Silliest Insurrection: On Marxism and the Marx Brothers David Lockwood: Marxism and the Bourgeois Revolution

2.15 – 3.45

Workshop 3A – MARXISM AND LAW Jess Whyte: Leaving the ‘Eden of the innate rights of man’: Marx’s Critique of Rights Richard Bailey: Strategy, rupture, rights: law and resistance in Australian immigration detention David McInerney: To read and speak the law: Althusser on Montesquieu

Workshop 3B – ACCUMULATION OF VALUE Marcus Banks: How does workfare produce value? Humphrey McQueen: Labour time Ben Reid: Is there Australian Exceptionalism? Scenarios for capital accumulation and crises after the second great contraction

3.45 – 4.15

Afternoon tea

4.15 – 5.15

Plenary 2 – MARX’S CAPITAL Speaker: Nicole Pepperell Respondent: Dave Eden

5.15 – 5.20

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New Capital Reading Group Begins Capital I in Sydney

A new Capital Reading Group is meeting weekly in Sydney. They and following David Harvey’s reading plan; the one we followed here. If you haven’t read Capital yet, it’s a good time to start. Their blog is at here; and also listed in our blogroll, to the right. Check it out.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Reading Capital in Sydney, Seminar I: Reading Marx’s Capital. Saturday, 7 August at The Redfern Community Centre.

It seems significant and hardly coincidental that the impasse into which politics fell after the 1960s and 1970s coincided with the eclipse of Marx.

This impasse remains the problematic of contemporary politics.

In this context some embrace social democracy, some embrace oneor another left-wing melancholy and still others desperately embrace dead political forms.

Returning to Marx may present a way to cut across this three-fold deadlock.

Returning to Marx suggests something like:

1.      investigating how he argues we should think capitalism

2.      locating this within his substantive arguments in Capital

3.      tracing the logic of his arguments against his errors

4. returning to the present under what might then be called Marxism

Our seminar discusses tentative results from our ongoing reading of Marx’s Capital.

We will be looking at Marx’s attempt to develop a materialist social theory, and how this informs key concepts in Capital, and what a properly Marxist politics might look like.

We’re concerned with both what politics is and what a coherent collective research project might look like for what we’re calling Marxism.

This may at least present a way of more lucidly problematising the impasse of contemporary politics.

We hope that it may also suggest its end.

1pm, Saturday 7 August

Redfern Community Centre

29-53 Hugo Street, Redfern

Reading Capital in Sydney records reading notes on Marx's Capital I, II and III, and other bits and pieces.

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