Karl Marx. Capital Volume I (Penguin, 1990).

Karl Marx. Capital Volume II (Penguin, 1992).

Karl Marx. Capital Volume III (Penguin. 1991).

Secondary Reading.

David McNally. Against the Market (Verso, 1993).

Places Marx’s arguments in Capital in the context of the labour movement he was engaged in. Focuses  on his disagreements with popular political economy and particularly with Joseph Pierre Proudhon. Argues for the continuation of Marx’s project of defetishising everyday life.

Patrick Murray. Marx’s Theory of Scientific Knowledge (Humanities Press, 1988).

This book is one of the best introductions to what Marx thought he was doing when he put Capital together. It traces the development of Marx’s views on scientific method, or what it is to correctly do science, from his dissertation on Ancient Greek philosophy of Nature through to the presentation in Capital.


Reading Capital in Sydney records reading notes on Marx's Capital I, II and III, and other bits and pieces.

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