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Capital II. Chapter 12: The Working Period, Chapter 13: Production Time & Chapter 14: Circulation Time

In these chapters Marx is concerned with barriers to the speed of value’s circulation. The turnover of capital is the time it takes a capital value to move though production and circulation and reflux back to the capitalist as M’  — though throughout Marx ignores surplus-value: he just wants to show how values move, not how they expand.

As with this volume generally, the question of speeding things up is central. Once we have a value, how can we make it move faster and faster?

These chapters deal particularly with problems arising from the natural forms of commodities’ use-values — both producing them and selling them. The theme of confinement emerges: capital values are either tied-up in production or confined to the form of commodity capital in circulation.

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Beginning politics from the middle

comments for second session, Capital 1 seminar, August 7 2010.

Much of the following is in the form of short notes, not worked into a clear argument…

So ultimately, this session and discussion is aiming to approach the question of how do we think and do politics in the present condition? We thought it best that this question be posed at the most simple level, so we approach it naively, working up our discussion from our most basic thoughts on what we think politics is. Once we ask ourselves this question, we can then think on what it is that a reading of Marx and Capital offers us on this problem.

My talk will be broken into three general sections:

A) Thinking politics as a question of method, which can be discussed in terms of idealism and materialism.

B) Thinking politics as a question of relation and of power.

C) Moving onto some basic possibilities of engaging the political problematic today, thought of as an ‘emergence’ or perhaps ‘amplification’ of the otherwise ‘invisible’.

So, where do we begin, to what will we return?

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